In a glade of the fir-wood forest of mythical Erymanthos, known from the Labor of Hercules with Erymanthian boar, we created a small mountain village which can combine the childhood and youthful carefreeness of the holidays with the functional contact with nature.


In these very difficult conditions of everyday life that have taken shape in our country, theneed to provide our children with healthy outlets for entertainment, physical rest and mental upliftment is of even greater importance. Our priority is the children, our goal is to help them discover the harmony of nature through the joy of friendship and comradeship.

The advantageous position of “Rodea” in the area of Kalavryta gives us the opportunity to visit places of natural beauty and historical importance.

At “Rodea” we host children all year round. In the summer we operate during three (3) summer camp periods from June to August. The remaining months we accept youth groups for one-day, two-day and multi-day programs.

Through play, children learn to explore, to discover, to express themselves and to be part of a team. The end of the camping season will find each child more mature, with more self- confidence and a willingness to create.


Rodea makes ideal use of its privately owned natural area of 40 acres. The children live in houses with tiled roofs with a total capacity of 220 people. Football, basketball, volleyball, tennis, swimming pool, small animal farm, cycling track, physical and technical pavilions, educational workshops, doctor’s office, kitchen, dining room.

The design of the facilities gives priority to the safe living of our children. The camp has modern fire safety systems.